Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bento #42 Non-cute bento

There are many times that I have those uninspired bento day, like currently am having now. However, I stil pack snack bento for my gal even with the absence of many cutie cutie characters..
Below pictures are the sample of my non-cute bento...

1. Choco milk
2. Ham
3. Orange
4. Kitkat
5. Grapes

1. Choco Milk
2. Banana, and apricot
3. Cheese
4. Ham
5. Rolled choco sandwich (Spread choco inside the bread, and roll them)
Well, honestly I was doubt to post those bentos..but hey I thought, who knows that it could inspire others too..
My gal will have summer holiday now for almost 3months.. she will start the KG1 in 25Sept.. meanwhile, I have to think hard what to post here to during the holidays...haha..otherwise, my blog will be very dusty if leave it too long empty...hmm...
Am very happy however with the long holidays, because the wheather is getting hotter..and very humid too. average now is 43c during daytime, at nite around 35c..but it's very humid, that sometimes I feel so suffocate to breathe..
So, I should say..Happy Summer holiday to all of you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bento #41 Another lion bento

In my previous posting, based on most comments I got, I should say that my attempt in making a lion bento failed successfully.. ...LOL, many couldnt figure out what kinda animal it was, including me..

Today I tried again to make lion bento, well a grandpa lion to be precised..hahaha.. I hope this time, everyone would agree this is Lion. ^_^

(low fat cheese for the lion hair, cheddar cheese for the face,

glasses, eyes, nose made from nori)

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate sandwich
2. Fruits (Grapes, orange, and apples)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bento #40 Lion bento ^_^ feels ages that I havent updated my poor not too sure what I was busy about that I couldnt do much cute bento...i stil packed bento for my kid, but it's too simple that I dun bother to post them here..
Anyway..this bento was done perhaps a week back...just see in my folder.. what a waste if I dun post it.. Can you believe that actually I aimed to make a lion? it looks like..I dunno what animal it is..
I made eggtart, and was thinking the curvy outline would be perfect as the lion hair, thus I topped it with face made of cheese.. but, plan is plan...sometimes it just din work.. ^_^'s menu:
1. Lion eggtart
2. Oranges
3. Choco milk