Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bento #39 another girl ^_^

Today is the last school day of the week, I made a cheerful bento for my gal.. a happy little gal with ribbons will do!
Happy weekend saudi arabia based frens.. ^_^
Today's menu:

1. Little gal choco sandwich (ah, am sick n tired of choco sandwich!)

2. Choco milk

3. Turkey ham

4. Fruits ( carrot, orange, grapes)

Detail of the gal:
Cheese for the hair, ribbon made of kamaboko, rosie cheeck made of crabstick, eyes from raisins

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bento #38 Another Pooh

I start my un-inspired week with a simple bento, well as u can see from the pic. even the pooh sandwich I din put much detail in it.. The bread that crumbles made me not soo eager to do anything with it..
Til now, I am not satisfied enuff with the local bread. They are not soft enough and always crumble.. I did find one that says, less crumble bread..but, stil does.. This kinda bread are so difficult to mould.. aarrhhh, how I wish to use my sandwich sealer, that stil resting in the box hoping to be disappointed I am..
Today's menu:
1. Pooh choco sandwich
2. Boiled egg
3. Flower turkey ham
4. orange in a separate box

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bento blues..

I seem to be having a bento blues, my mind doesnt seem to be mood of fixing anything cute. Dunno why..
If you happen to visit this site and found nothing u know why..^_^
However, I stil do the blog walking to my dearest bento buddies...
I hope I will come back soon blogging with my latest bento collection when my mood has returned.
Will you be here, when I come back?????

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bento #37 Spongebob

I have very little knowledge bout the current popular cartoon movies..My knowledge is very limited to mickey mouse, minnie mouse and the friends..LOL
I do know barney tho ^_^..(Hey , which mama doesnt know bout barney, anyway? )..but it's not cartoon, isnt? but now, as I start bento making, slowly I learnt from my bento buddies bout this character n that character...Well, the japanese cartoon..I am stil totally blur! ^_^, it's just so hard to remember them.
anyway, today I learnt to make spongebob. Googled to find the easiest version of the image..LOL..And above is the result..
I baked betty crocker package brownies that I added mashed banana into it, to make it more fudgy and give a good fragrant...I topped it with cheese for the spongebob face, the white color is kamaboko, and brownies itself as the pants..

Today's menu:
1. Spongebob brownies
2. Grapes and kiwi skewer

Spongebob close-up:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bento #36 Mr. Sun

I've been living in Saudi for less than a year now...and I notice that both sandstorm and windstorm are pretty common scene here..
Yesterday however was pretty strong one. It was so bright, and hot in the morning..but, suddenly at around 2pm, the sky became so dark, that I thought it was gonna rain soon..but, very warm, and then I received the call from the company rep. who called everyone to make sure they stay at home, cuz the weather forecast predicted it's gonna have a Strong windstorm that was originally coming from Riyadh..(I hope I heard it correctly) , n would be worsen later in the evening.

Not long after her call, the wind started to blow so strong that I could hear the sound of the wind rumbling outside..pretty loud..(Well, I wasnt scared, it's more excited..cause I've never seen one..)But, glad it was raining after was clearing up soon after..

Today's's just my wishes that the sun will come out (but not too strong, please ^_^)..and the weather will be alright again..^_^ Happy Sunday!!
Today's menu:
1. Mr. Sun choco sandwich
2. Oranges

Mr. Sun close-up:

I sent Zoe to school today and found many trees in our compound had collapsed ..I hope no more sandstorm or windstorm today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bento #35 Black sheep

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir...3 bags full.
One for the master, one for the dame
One for the little one who lives down the lane.
Remember that nursery rhyme?
It's so funny ever since I start bento-ing , every now and then whenever I find some cute picture or cartoon I would imagine how I could transform that into my bento.
Just like when I saw that black sheep on my gal's new water mind kept thinking bout it. Then, I remember I had a black glutinuous rice flour that I hadnt used yet....I guess it's time to make a good use of it..^_^
Btw, don't u notice the content of my kid's bento getting simpler and simpler?? hahaha..
I tend not to overcrowded the box long that the box coming home empty..I would be satisfied..rather than putting too much but always too many leftover..

Today's menu:
1. Black sheep black glutinuous rice cake (can you pronounce that easily?? LOL)
2. Oranges

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bento #34 Wall-E and Eve

When I saw Wall-E and Eve bento in lian mama obento, I was so intrigued to challenge myself to make it with my own twist since my gal likes to watch Wall-E.
It's not difficult at all to make this, but if you have one baby on your lap who kept trying to steal the cheese from you...that Is Difficult!.. ^_^
What I did to make Wall-E, 1st make one square shape choco sandwich, topped with cheese..another round choco sandwich, that I cut into half to be placed as the eyes..The rest is 4 rectangle sandwich that I placed as the wheels and hands...Easy peasy!
Today's menu:
1. Wall-E sandwich
2. Eve boiled egg
3. Grapes