Friday, August 27, 2010

Bento #43 Adult bento

Ramadan is here, I might be too late to say this, but I would like to say Happy fasting month for all my friends who celebrate.

I havent blogged for long long time, the reason is because my kid is stil having summer school, no bento needed.

However, since now is ramadan and the canteen in my hubby's office is not allowed to sell any food, I then have to prepare him some food to bring.
I've never prepared an adult bento, I hope what I've prepared is not too bad ^_^. Nothing really fancy here..nothing cuteness also..I dun think my hubby would be so thrilled to see all those bunny rabbit..or cutie cutie things...ha ha..

So, here what I've prepared for him..
1. Chili prawn
2. Homemade egg taufu, topped with fried shallot, bird chilli and spring onion.
3. Fried anchovies.
4. For his dessert, I prepared grapes, and dates.

He came back home surprised to see what I've prepared for him...^_^. ..excited when he's excited too...


  1. Deby, how are you? Miss you and your bento! This adult bento is so mouthwatering. And happy fasting too for you and family :)

  2. Lia,
    daku kangen padamu tooooo... ^_^
    en I miss blogging too, thanks...wish I could make it as nice as the one u make for yr hubby..:))

  3. happy fasting....inspire me to cook bento for break the fast :)

  4. @Violetya: a good idea indeed! go for it.. ^_^

  5. Haloooo Mbak Debbih, akhirnya dikau menonggol jugaaa. Kangeeeeeen ^__^

  6. hi taaa!!
    daku-padamu too...^_^..berpelukannnn***
    daku belum sempet browsing sana sini..mood belum naek.. haha..
    lebih sering ngef bi daripada blogging.. ^_^

  7. So fresh and pretty--I love the elegant green leaf-wave!

  8. How can I missed this post! Glad to see a new post in your blog! :)