Friday, October 8, 2010

Bento #46 Little gal sandwich

I made this simple bento..a quickest one I've done so far.. around 10-15minutes..and a slow person in doing things, I could do it in a short time..
A Little gal ham sandwich..well, I've done it before..but I guess it's ok to re- do thing..:)

Menu of the day:
1. Boilt egg,
2. Ham sandwich
3. Baby carrots, grapes, and apples

BTW, My camera is currently broken.. that made me out of I cant capture any bento I've done.. So, not sure, when I can post again... I hope my camera would get better soon.. so I will come back to blogging..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bento #45 Birthday Bento

Yesterday 4th October was my daughter's birthday. I had been planning to make a special bday bento for her. The idea was to make a birthday cake sandwich, the round two tiers bday cake. however as my always complaints.. the bread crumbles by the time I shaped it. I quickly changed idea to keep it as square. I couldnt find the rite biscuit to use as the 'candles' , my friend commented they look more like cigarretes than candles.. LOL..
Anyway, Am glad I did it.. the teacher was delighted to see her bento.

The menu:
1. Bday cake sandwiches ( ham sandwich on top, and milk cheese sandwich on bottom)
2. Fruits (Grapes, baby carrots, and apples)..too bad..she din eat those.. :((

BTW, wow...after I have been away long time from feels sooo good to be back!!