Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bento #45 Birthday Bento

Yesterday 4th October was my daughter's birthday. I had been planning to make a special bday bento for her. The idea was to make a birthday cake sandwich, the round two tiers bday cake. however as my always complaints.. the bread crumbles by the time I shaped it. I quickly changed idea to keep it as square. I couldnt find the rite biscuit to use as the 'candles' , my friend commented they look more like cigarretes than candles.. LOL..
Anyway, Am glad I did it.. the teacher was delighted to see her bento.

The menu:
1. Bday cake sandwiches ( ham sandwich on top, and milk cheese sandwich on bottom)
2. Fruits (Grapes, baby carrots, and apples)..too bad..she din eat those.. :((

BTW, wow...after I have been away long time from blogging..it feels sooo good to be back!!


  1. Happy belated birthday for your daughter! How are you Deb? Your birthday cake bento is awesome :)

  2. @ Lia.. : thanks..too long away..had to think so hard of the idea.. quite struggling I must say.. haha.. but lucky, it din look as bad as I thot.. :)

    @ Purple angel:...welcome ..me.. :))

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter and so glad to see your new post! This is such a lovely birthday cake bento!

  4. And I am so glad you made a return. Having newly discovered your blog, you are fast becoming a favorite of mine! Just look at this art in a box!! You are so inspiring. Awesome job. I would love to know how you made the scalloped look on the cheese!

  5. @Ai Ping : thank you so much... I miss blogging too

    @Kelly: nice to know u too.. you mean the polkadots?? I used my tiny round and oval cutter, but sometimes when am lazy to dig out my cutter..I will simply use the few different kind of straw, that will do as nice too. Hope that helps.

  6. yahhh... finally... !!!

  7. Waaahhh... cantiiikkk, si eneng pasti suka bgt sama bentonya. Happy belated b'day ya Zoe cantik :D