Friday, October 8, 2010

Bento #46 Little gal sandwich

I made this simple bento..a quickest one I've done so far.. around 10-15minutes..and a slow person in doing things, I could do it in a short time..
A Little gal ham sandwich..well, I've done it before..but I guess it's ok to re- do thing..:)

Menu of the day:
1. Boilt egg,
2. Ham sandwich
3. Baby carrots, grapes, and apples

BTW, My camera is currently broken.. that made me out of I cant capture any bento I've done.. So, not sure, when I can post again... I hope my camera would get better soon.. so I will come back to blogging..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bento #45 Birthday Bento

Yesterday 4th October was my daughter's birthday. I had been planning to make a special bday bento for her. The idea was to make a birthday cake sandwich, the round two tiers bday cake. however as my always complaints.. the bread crumbles by the time I shaped it. I quickly changed idea to keep it as square. I couldnt find the rite biscuit to use as the 'candles' , my friend commented they look more like cigarretes than candles.. LOL..
Anyway, Am glad I did it.. the teacher was delighted to see her bento.

The menu:
1. Bday cake sandwiches ( ham sandwich on top, and milk cheese sandwich on bottom)
2. Fruits (Grapes, baby carrots, and apples)..too bad..she din eat those.. :((

BTW, wow...after I have been away long time from feels sooo good to be back!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bento #44 Back to school bento

Finally, after a long summer comes a school time.
My gal, was accepted for a Pre-K, she's so excited about the new school ..
I was more than thrilled, I definetely couldnt wait to see her in her uniform.
I made a special ' Back to school ' bento for her..

1. Blackboard black sticky rice cake
2. Grapes
3. Baby carrot
4. Cheese
5. Strawberry milk

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bento #43 Adult bento

Ramadan is here, I might be too late to say this, but I would like to say Happy fasting month for all my friends who celebrate.

I havent blogged for long long time, the reason is because my kid is stil having summer school, no bento needed.

However, since now is ramadan and the canteen in my hubby's office is not allowed to sell any food, I then have to prepare him some food to bring.
I've never prepared an adult bento, I hope what I've prepared is not too bad ^_^. Nothing really fancy here..nothing cuteness also..I dun think my hubby would be so thrilled to see all those bunny rabbit..or cutie cutie things...ha ha..

So, here what I've prepared for him..
1. Chili prawn
2. Homemade egg taufu, topped with fried shallot, bird chilli and spring onion.
3. Fried anchovies.
4. For his dessert, I prepared grapes, and dates.

He came back home surprised to see what I've prepared for him...^_^. ..excited when he's excited too...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bento #42 Non-cute bento

There are many times that I have those uninspired bento day, like currently am having now. However, I stil pack snack bento for my gal even with the absence of many cutie cutie characters..
Below pictures are the sample of my non-cute bento...

1. Choco milk
2. Ham
3. Orange
4. Kitkat
5. Grapes

1. Choco Milk
2. Banana, and apricot
3. Cheese
4. Ham
5. Rolled choco sandwich (Spread choco inside the bread, and roll them)
Well, honestly I was doubt to post those bentos..but hey I thought, who knows that it could inspire others too..
My gal will have summer holiday now for almost 3months.. she will start the KG1 in 25Sept.. meanwhile, I have to think hard what to post here to during the holidays...haha..otherwise, my blog will be very dusty if leave it too long empty...hmm...
Am very happy however with the long holidays, because the wheather is getting hotter..and very humid too. average now is 43c during daytime, at nite around 35c..but it's very humid, that sometimes I feel so suffocate to breathe..
So, I should say..Happy Summer holiday to all of you!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bento #41 Another lion bento

In my previous posting, based on most comments I got, I should say that my attempt in making a lion bento failed successfully.. ...LOL, many couldnt figure out what kinda animal it was, including me..

Today I tried again to make lion bento, well a grandpa lion to be precised..hahaha.. I hope this time, everyone would agree this is Lion. ^_^

(low fat cheese for the lion hair, cheddar cheese for the face,

glasses, eyes, nose made from nori)

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate sandwich
2. Fruits (Grapes, orange, and apples)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bento #40 Lion bento ^_^ feels ages that I havent updated my poor not too sure what I was busy about that I couldnt do much cute bento...i stil packed bento for my kid, but it's too simple that I dun bother to post them here..
Anyway..this bento was done perhaps a week back...just see in my folder.. what a waste if I dun post it.. Can you believe that actually I aimed to make a lion? it looks like..I dunno what animal it is..
I made eggtart, and was thinking the curvy outline would be perfect as the lion hair, thus I topped it with face made of cheese.. but, plan is plan...sometimes it just din work.. ^_^'s menu:
1. Lion eggtart
2. Oranges
3. Choco milk

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bento #39 another girl ^_^

Today is the last school day of the week, I made a cheerful bento for my gal.. a happy little gal with ribbons will do!
Happy weekend saudi arabia based frens.. ^_^
Today's menu:

1. Little gal choco sandwich (ah, am sick n tired of choco sandwich!)

2. Choco milk

3. Turkey ham

4. Fruits ( carrot, orange, grapes)

Detail of the gal:
Cheese for the hair, ribbon made of kamaboko, rosie cheeck made of crabstick, eyes from raisins

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bento #38 Another Pooh

I start my un-inspired week with a simple bento, well as u can see from the pic. even the pooh sandwich I din put much detail in it.. The bread that crumbles made me not soo eager to do anything with it..
Til now, I am not satisfied enuff with the local bread. They are not soft enough and always crumble.. I did find one that says, less crumble bread..but, stil does.. This kinda bread are so difficult to mould.. aarrhhh, how I wish to use my sandwich sealer, that stil resting in the box hoping to be disappointed I am..
Today's menu:
1. Pooh choco sandwich
2. Boiled egg
3. Flower turkey ham
4. orange in a separate box

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bento blues..

I seem to be having a bento blues, my mind doesnt seem to be mood of fixing anything cute. Dunno why..
If you happen to visit this site and found nothing u know why..^_^
However, I stil do the blog walking to my dearest bento buddies...
I hope I will come back soon blogging with my latest bento collection when my mood has returned.
Will you be here, when I come back?????

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bento #37 Spongebob

I have very little knowledge bout the current popular cartoon movies..My knowledge is very limited to mickey mouse, minnie mouse and the friends..LOL
I do know barney tho ^_^..(Hey , which mama doesnt know bout barney, anyway? )..but it's not cartoon, isnt? but now, as I start bento making, slowly I learnt from my bento buddies bout this character n that character...Well, the japanese cartoon..I am stil totally blur! ^_^, it's just so hard to remember them.
anyway, today I learnt to make spongebob. Googled to find the easiest version of the image..LOL..And above is the result..
I baked betty crocker package brownies that I added mashed banana into it, to make it more fudgy and give a good fragrant...I topped it with cheese for the spongebob face, the white color is kamaboko, and brownies itself as the pants..

Today's menu:
1. Spongebob brownies
2. Grapes and kiwi skewer

Spongebob close-up:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bento #36 Mr. Sun

I've been living in Saudi for less than a year now...and I notice that both sandstorm and windstorm are pretty common scene here..
Yesterday however was pretty strong one. It was so bright, and hot in the morning..but, suddenly at around 2pm, the sky became so dark, that I thought it was gonna rain soon..but, very warm, and then I received the call from the company rep. who called everyone to make sure they stay at home, cuz the weather forecast predicted it's gonna have a Strong windstorm that was originally coming from Riyadh..(I hope I heard it correctly) , n would be worsen later in the evening.

Not long after her call, the wind started to blow so strong that I could hear the sound of the wind rumbling outside..pretty loud..(Well, I wasnt scared, it's more excited..cause I've never seen one..)But, glad it was raining after was clearing up soon after..

Today's's just my wishes that the sun will come out (but not too strong, please ^_^)..and the weather will be alright again..^_^ Happy Sunday!!
Today's menu:
1. Mr. Sun choco sandwich
2. Oranges

Mr. Sun close-up:

I sent Zoe to school today and found many trees in our compound had collapsed ..I hope no more sandstorm or windstorm today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bento #35 Black sheep

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir...3 bags full.
One for the master, one for the dame
One for the little one who lives down the lane.
Remember that nursery rhyme?
It's so funny ever since I start bento-ing , every now and then whenever I find some cute picture or cartoon I would imagine how I could transform that into my bento.
Just like when I saw that black sheep on my gal's new water mind kept thinking bout it. Then, I remember I had a black glutinuous rice flour that I hadnt used yet....I guess it's time to make a good use of it..^_^
Btw, don't u notice the content of my kid's bento getting simpler and simpler?? hahaha..
I tend not to overcrowded the box long that the box coming home empty..I would be satisfied..rather than putting too much but always too many leftover..

Today's menu:
1. Black sheep black glutinuous rice cake (can you pronounce that easily?? LOL)
2. Oranges

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bento #34 Wall-E and Eve

When I saw Wall-E and Eve bento in lian mama obento, I was so intrigued to challenge myself to make it with my own twist since my gal likes to watch Wall-E.
It's not difficult at all to make this, but if you have one baby on your lap who kept trying to steal the cheese from you...that Is Difficult!.. ^_^
What I did to make Wall-E, 1st make one square shape choco sandwich, topped with cheese..another round choco sandwich, that I cut into half to be placed as the eyes..The rest is 4 rectangle sandwich that I placed as the wheels and hands...Easy peasy!
Today's menu:
1. Wall-E sandwich
2. Eve boiled egg
3. Grapes

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bento #33 Frog bento

(Cheese for the eyes, and mouth, topped with nori..and that pink color is kamaboko..or fish cake)
Fyi, here in Saudi we have different day of weekend. The holidays fall on Friday, instead of Sunday...henceforth, when all my bento buddies might be having a bento break, me on the hand starts getting busy again.. ^_^..Yes, weekday starts on saturday.

Recently, I love making chiffon cake..cause it's so simple...and most important thing ..I dun even need to grease the loaf pan..yes, am lazy to do that. However I keep changing the pandan chiffon cake..I've been wanting to make a frog shape..that's the reason I chose this flavour..the green cake would be perfect for the frog color.
I dun put too many things today, ..tried to make it very simple. I reminded myself to buy orange yesterday, cause Zoe said she wants to eat orange with skin only! ^_^..She hates everytime I peel the skin off.
Btw, if you wonder how I make that frog I have no big oval shape, I did it freehand using knife, but the eyes, I used small round cutter. Even for the nori, I cut it free hand..that's why they're not even..a-ha!
Today's menu:
1. Frog chiffon cake
2. Apple
3. Orange with skin.. ^_^
The fruits close up..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bento #32 Hello kitty

Kyaraben or charaben ,a shortened form of character bento ( kyarakutā bentō?), is a style of elaborately arranged bento which features food decorated to look like people, characters from popular media, animals, and plants.
(taken from wikipedia)

The work of Lia from bentolicious always put me in awe..she's very skillful in making a precise kyaraben or character bento..Drop by her blog, you'll be amazed on how beautiful her bentos are..just like I am!
How I wish I have just little of her skill ^_^.
Today I tried to make hello kitty sandwich,a special request from zoey..But I think the nose of hello kitty was to0 round instead of bit oval...but it doesnt matter.. What mattered to me was that my gal ate all those sandwiches til bits...Yayyy!!

Today's menu:
1. Hello kitty choco sandwich
2. Yogurt
3. Grapes
4. Baby carrots
5. Cheese

The sandwich close up:
(The ribbon made of kamaboko, the whisker and eyes made of nori, nose made of cheese)

Bento #31 Caterpillar

When I visited my friend at her house, she served me this yummy bitterballen. It's meatball, with a mix with cheese. Just like in a comic book, I could feel the light bulb blinking out of my head.. *Ting*, owkay...I will make a caterpillar bento with this!! That'll do!

I did the sketching..hmm I think I better not show my sketch..(only me can understand my drawing...^_^)..However, I forget the detail of caterpillar.. I dun remember whether it has antennae or not..I looked for zoe's reading book..which dissappear by the time I needed it... :(

I am too lazy to google here it is..a very simple caterpillar.

Menu of the day:
1. Caterpillar bitterballen
2. Apples
3. Chocolate Jelly
4. Fruit Juice..

This is the caterpillar with the looks like devil horn than antennae, really.. LOL

= = = = = = = = = = =

I had to say, when I picked my gal up from school and checked her snack box, ...I was sooo dissappointed that she din eat almost anything..!! She drank only half of her fruit juice. ..

She said, she din like Jelly because it's so wibbly wobbly (^_^), and the meatball...Only God knows why she din like them...My cooking wouldnt be that bad, would it?

N the Fruit Juice, ....I think she prefers milk than fruit juice... *sigh*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bento #30 Bear Egg

It always work best for me, if the night before I do bento sketch for the next morning bento...It gives a clear vision on how I want my bento to look like, and made the work easier and faster..You know what you need to prepare... say, cut the carrot into flower..or any other works that can be done in advance, and the next morning what you need to do just boil or just placing them into the box.
But not today, ..this morning I woke up without any preparation in my head, checked out the fridge..and...found grapes, sausage, and cheese. Rumagging my cabinet, and found kit kat..well, egg, I have many..
Then, I had to think for quite some times, because I had no plan on what I want to make..
Finally, got I took longer time...However, Am quite happy with it ...The teacher said, she likes the bear...^_^
Today's menu:
1. Bear Egg
The ears made of kamaboko. I was so curious bout kamaboko as I read many times in some bento blogs..only yesterday I found it locally in the oriental shop. The taste is so good. ^_^
2. Grapes satay
3. Flower sausages
4. Triangle cheese

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bento #29 Hamster or..err not?

The idea of my bento today is to create my gal's new pets. Zoe just received two hamsters from her dad last week that she named LALA for the female, and FLUFF for the male. Since then, she kept asking my permission to bring the hamsters to her school, which I firmly said no! She didnt cry (thankfully!), but I could feel the disappointment in her.
To cheer her up, I wanted to send 'the hamster' bento instead of the real ones...Hope that'll make her happy enuff..
Ok...say it loud..!! ^_^.My 'hamster' sandwiches don't look anything like hamster, do they?? LOL,
That's the fastest and the only thing I could think of....Well, First I was doubt about either making the hamster from the bread or eggs..but I decided to use bread instead..since my 'going to rotten soon' bread stil lay abudantly on my pantry!
Anyway, Today's menu:
1. 2 mini 'hamster' sandwiches
one filled with beef floss, and the other is milk sandwich
2. Chocolate twister
3. Grapes
Meet our new family members (Lala on the left and Fluff on the right)

Here's Zoe with Fluff

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bento #28 Piggy bento

Rite after I finish making the bento, took picture, I realized that today's bento is almost in the same tone..^_^, all almost orangey color..
I love having colorful bento.., specially mix of green and orange in the bento..but today seemed to be an exception.
Never mind...
Today, I made pretty simple piggy bento..I only used my favorite round cutter.
Even I have many of the cutter, but I noticed I only used this the most..^_^
Cut the bread, and also cut the ham with that round cutter..Place the ham on top of the sandwich..I 'glued' it with the ham will stay still.

Today's menu:
1. Piggy cheese, and milk sandwich
2. Oranges, grapes, and baby carrot
3. Yogurt drink

To make the eyes, I use the nori puncher as shown below:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bento #27 Piano bento

Weekend has over, saturday now.. the new week has started, means it's bento time again!

I think make a piano sandwich would brighten my gal's day....

So, here we go:

1. Piano chocolate sandwich.

I did it's not that tidy if u look at it closely..:))

2. Fruits ( Grapes, Orange )

3. Flower ham

4. Flower Sausage

5. Baby carrot ( she din like them...she said it's raw..^_^ )

P.S: I din have much things to say today, did I?? !!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bento #26 Bear Bento

My baby boy woke me up this morning, he is my alarm clock.. ^_^
Normally, he wakes up at 6am, but today he woke up at 7am...oh no, I thot, I dun think I could make any bento today.. (did I mention earlier that am very slow person?,once I wake up late...and no chance to do any fancy thing)
However, I stil continue to make the bento as my plan..:), well, I give excuse today for her to be slightly late arrive at school...for once..:))) . Lucky her nursery is only around the corner within our compound.

Last nite, around 10pm, while I was waiting my hubby coming back from Kuwait, I baked his fave chiffon cake..If the other day, I made the green tea flavor, now I tried choco flavor. N, I had this bear donut cutter, which finally I used to shape the chiffon cake this morning. The cutter has a round hole in the middle. I cut the white bread to fit the hole.
Here you can see the picture close-up

Today's menu:
1. Bear Chiffon cake
2. Ring mini wieners
3. Baby carrot, Broccoli, Apples, oranges
4. Yogurt drink

Below is the picture of donut cutter I used, it's a bear shape ^_^, cute eh?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bento #25 Non-cute bento..:)

Yes, rite..this is a non-cute bento I made, but I find this is the healthiest bento I have prepared so far for zoe..^_^
Remember I said that she eats lack of vegie? Yes, I want to start 'brainwashing' her...start rite from the snack box. Hoping that , if she eats together with the classmates, it would entice her to at least munch it..
I insert cucumber and baby carrots inside the box, see whether they will come back in full shape or gone..:)

Today's menu:
1. Blueberry muffin
2. Cucumber/baby carrots/steam broccoli
3. Oranges
4. Ham
5. Boiled egg (even this, i din decorate it...*Malas mood on* )

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bento #24 Butterfly

I was hesitate in either to post or not to post this. I've been keeping the picture safe and sound in my folder..:). The reason why I din want to post it because I find my message wasnt accrossed..^_^
When I showed my hubby of the bento picture, apparently he didnt think like I did..haha..Well,I was actually trying to make butterfly but he didnt think that it's butterfly at all!
However, after I think about it..I decided to post it anyway. I shouldnt have put burden on my shoulder that my bento has to be perfect at all time. Am a newbie, it's ok if it's not nice at all, it's a learning curve for me.I should have fun with it..!

Today's menu:
1. ferrero choco as the head
2 mini cupcakes as the wings
3. mini sausage as the body
4. Green apples
5. Eggroll as the small wings

what missing was the antenna...I was so blank what to use at that time.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bento #23 Bento Zoe gal

In terms of preparing the snack bento for my gal, I have very limited choices...they are bread, sausages, yogurt, cheese, and grapes/oranges...:)
Those are the only foods that my gal would likely to eat..How I wish she would eat more variety of foods, & vegetables, like celery or carrots, and broccoli..
I guess I have to train her slowly at home..blame it to me, that I din introduce that earlier age.

Nuff said, this bento consist of:
1. Homemade Banana cake
To add the cuteness..^_^, I put a gal face with two pony tails made of cheese. I used the bear cookie cutter. Eyes and lips made of nori. I use the puncher for this..
I bought the Letters and number chocolate, I put her name of the cake..I think it looks merrier now..LOL
2. Yogurt drink
3. Grapes
4. Mini sausages.

I dresssed zoe up just like the bento, with two pony tails ..
She looked happy with the bento, pictures taken before off to school!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bento #22 Pooh Bento

This bento I did quite sometimes ago, I thought I have posted it, which apparently not. This one of my fave simple bento I did, but am quite pleased with the outcome.
I have the pooh sandwich cutter that helped lots to make bite size pooh sandwich.
Love this cutter..!

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate butter sandwich, pooh shape
2. Mini sausages
3. Oranges
4. Ham

Pooh Sandwich close-up

Bento #21 Another bunny rabbit bento

Yesterday, I thought my camera couldnt work well because of the battery issue. HOwever, that's not the case..I have recharged the battery last nite,but when I tried to snap today's bento it stil couldnt auto focus. N, I am not that skillful with manual focus. Enuff said, I din know what went wrong..but it really spoilt my mood the whole morning..I felt some part of me missing...LOL, lil bit dramatic..:op
I finally tried to find the problem using Mr. Google...^>^..try to find some other people who has similar problem with same camera..And yes,..! I love Mr. Google, he's the answer for my problem. I managed to do the soft reset, and's back to life!!
Too bad that It wasnt working when I snapped the, enjoy the dark, blurry picture!

Today's menu:
1. Cheese sandwich
I, again...made the bunny rabbit..perhaps, am stil in the mood of easter?
I put tiny carrot- pretending the rabbit eating a carrot..:) made from lowfat cheee, and the green color from apple skin. Well, I couldnt think what else I could use to find green color. I dun want to use eggsheet, cause that would be too much waste since I only need little.
Honestly, I think my rabbit really the ugliest rabbit ever..:), I couldnt think how to make bunny look cute..^_^..maybe next time I'll try again. Nuff with bunny this week.
2. Mini sausages
3. Grapes

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bento #20 Speedy bento

Today I found my bestfriend didnt help me as much as I needed her. When I wanted to take the bento picture today, the battery almost gone has no enuff energy to auto-focus, resulting most of the pictures blur..*sigh*,
So this is the best I could do...
I like the simple speedy bento that I made today.
Everything fits perfectly in a small size lunch box..Perfect for the tiny tummy..^_^

At first, I didnt plan to make bento. I was thinking just to prepare slices of cakes and grapes but it ended up I added lil bit this and that..LOL, I guess these days, un-pretty snack box, make my eyes sore...blame it to the bento addiction. ^@^

Today's menu:
1. Greentea chiffon cake
I made it last nite since I see the bread that I have has gotten dry. Cut the bunny rabbit shape cheese..put eyes, mouth with nori
2. Ham
3. Grapes
4. Star Boiled egg

The star boiled egg n grapes close-up

Bento #19 Tiger Bento

When I was rummaging through my folders, I just realized that I have one more bento picture not been posted.
This bento was done in the mood of celebrating the Chinese New Year 2010-which is a Tiger year. I had so much fun making it the nite before when all my kids were asleep. I had all the time, without bothered by the kids, without the rush, it was like doing a kid art craft. FUN!
The satisfaction that it gave when u're able to make the detail, couldnt be described.. ^-^

Here we go:
1. Tiger choco sandwich
I used a bear cookie cutter for the tiger, and used two different kind of cheese for the face. Nori was used for the eyes, and the tiger stripes.
2. Apples
3. Kit kat chocolate
4. Yogurt

The sandwich close-up:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bento #18 Sea bento

The sandwich closeup:

AT last, I dun feel like owing anything now.. I've cleared up all the bento pictures in my folder..It gave me such a relief and pleasure at the same time to be able to post 17 bento posting in only few days. Nope, it doesnt mean that would be my last posting about making bento. I reckon my folder will keep piling up with some bento pictures..but, I have reduced my burden I can start doing it slowly one by one, not marathon posting like now..:))

Stop the rumbling..
I had an idea about sea bento..If u're into bento, am sure you have seen many of the bento bout similar ideas. Mine would be much simpler than that..:))
Just take a look the picture:
1. It's a butter and sugar sandwich.
Just dust the cocoa powder mix with icing sugar to the top part of the bread with a whale plastic stencil plate. It's pretty easy and make it looks nice.
2. Fish shape egg.
Use the fish shape egg mold. Boil the egg, peel the skin, and put it into the mold..and voila after sometimes, it looks like fish. My egg was apparently not the rite size, so it doesnt give the nice look..Please make sure you pay attention to the size of egg you need to use for the mold. I used the medium size of egg,while the mold required a L size egg and you can tell the result not as nice. hence, I add the carrot for the tail, and put some nori for the body.
3. Octopus wieners
Hahaha..I know you dont see their legs..but believe's eight each..:))
4. Fruits..grapes.

My daughter and my boy as a background..^0^