Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bento #41 Another lion bento

In my previous posting, based on most comments I got, I should say that my attempt in making a lion bento failed successfully.. ...LOL, many couldnt figure out what kinda animal it was, including me..

Today I tried again to make lion bento, well a grandpa lion to be precised..hahaha.. I hope this time, everyone would agree this is Lion. ^_^

(low fat cheese for the lion hair, cheddar cheese for the face,

glasses, eyes, nose made from nori)

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate sandwich
2. Fruits (Grapes, orange, and apples)


  1. hihihi...iya yang ini mirip lion kok... ^^ kliatannya enak deh...jadi laper...hehe

  2. Setelah bersemedi dan nyari2 gambar lion..baru bisa dweh bikinnya...kalo bisa bikin yg 3D kan lebih keren yach syl..^_^

  3. Nah, kalo ini Lion beneran. Tepatnya Mbah Lion Kakong hahahaha...

  4. Hehe..iya, ngkong lion kakong...^_^

  5. Agreed! This is definitely a lion! A cute friendly grandpa lion! :D

  6. Hi Deby! How are you? I am back to blogging again ... and hello Mr. Lion, he is so cute and looks friendly too :)

  7. hahaha... now this is a lion... & a cute one at that... ^_^

  8. Ai Ping: terima kasih... !
    Lia : MIssing you and your comments..
    HK : I know you would complain me being late in replying your comment..haha. ..minta maaf..

  9. Cool, A lion with glasses - neat idea! :o)