Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bento #10 Happy smiley Star

My gal zoe always get a happy smiley face or happy smiley star drawn on her hand by the teacher everytime she behaves at school. I followed the method at home. Giving her the happy smiley face picture as her rewards everytime she listens to instruction well.
Yesterday, she claimed she behaved very well, and asking me for the happy smiley star..
That gave me an idea to make a happy smiley star bento for her.
Here's the result.
Today's menu:
1. Happy smiley Star sandwich. The eyes made from the sausage, and mouth from cheese, and the rosie cheek is the jam.
2. Tulip flower sausage. I used the tulip coktail cutter for this.
3. Grapes satay..:))
4. Cheese

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