Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bento #14 Bento Kid wearing costume

Today's bento, I learnt from shoppingmum. It's a wonderful bento blog that I admire so much. She's not stingy in sharing her tips and tutorial step by step in how she does her bento..:)
It's sandwich kid wearing a tiger costum. I challenged myself to make this bento.. It looks difficult, but believe's not. However, it does take longer time for me as am quite a slow person. I decided to do it the nite before to avoid the rushing early in the morning. What u need to do is to wrap the sandwich with the cling wrap and put them into the air tight container. The sandwich stil in the perfect condition the following day. It's not hard also....
Other than that, it's a good tip if you're rushing the early morning.
You just need to place them, and prepare the fruits..

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate sandwiches
2. Yogurt
3. Grapes, and apple
4. Cheese


  1. hey... i like this one... reminds me of my young school days somehow... nice... i want...

  2. You wore this in your school day?

  3. actually i cud have wore clothings with similar motifs in my days... :) how's the little princess & prince???