Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bento #15 Lil gal sandwich

Making bento is really addictive! I'm a newbie, but seems my heart falls for this hobby so fast..:))
There is such joy for me everytime I do every little detail, to put the eyes, cutting the flower shape,etc. It brings out the creativity that hidden in my mind. Well..As a full time mom, my life has always been surrounded by the children's noise. N ,I found my sanctuary - a ME time when I do bento. It's time consuming- but a Fun one.
Today's bento I make little gal. I used the tips that Susan Yuen has given. You can also take a look at her blog, and many beautiful bento u'll find.

Today's menu:
1. Cheese sandwich
Use the round cutter that you have, big one and small one. The big one you use for the face, and smaller one for the hair.. It's pretty simple.
The eyes, and lips made of nori.
2. To fill the gap I used flower ham, and steam broccoli
3. Yogurt drink
4. Grapes and orange

The sandwich closeup;


  1. Wowww...!!! Your bentos look great!!! Wish I could have one of your bentos for my lunch every workday... just looking at them will relief all my stress... a feast for the eyes... mind... & soul...

  2. HK!!
    I hope those words coming rite from your deepest heart...:)), did I force you too hard to give comment? LOL
    thanks tho'...alritey, when am in spore..k?
    boyscout promise!!

  3. nay... u don't need to force me to make any comments... i say it straight as i see it... hey... just notice yr crepes(?)... looks great!!! u know i have always love elephants... i want too... hihi...

  4. haha..the header picture? like it too..
    it's a pancake..but i shape it part by part, and assemble it afterwards..
    well, i dunno that u like elephants..:)) i wish to make the picture fit the header width..I am not good in editing..

  5. yes... i do... thot u knew... the pancake looks good... when can i have one for my breakfast?... i want...