Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bento #39 another girl ^_^

Today is the last school day of the week, I made a cheerful bento for my gal.. a happy little gal with ribbons will do!
Happy weekend saudi arabia based frens.. ^_^
Today's menu:

1. Little gal choco sandwich (ah, am sick n tired of choco sandwich!)

2. Choco milk

3. Turkey ham

4. Fruits ( carrot, orange, grapes)

Detail of the gal:
Cheese for the hair, ribbon made of kamaboko, rosie cheeck made of crabstick, eyes from raisins


  1. Happy little girl is so adorable! Choco milk and sandwich ... my kids will so envy to see this hehehe :)

  2. what a cute lil gal...ayo mbak, semangat bikin cute bento lagi... ^o^)/

  3. @Lia: thanks...
    @Sysyl: iya neh,...mulai panas lagi.. hahaha..!!

  4. Aww, she's a cutie girl......
    U're doing great bento day by day, mbak :)

  5. @M3noq, thanks...pengennya sih jago seperti Lia.. ^_^

  6. I am sure your girl will love this bento.
    Have a nice & relaxing weekend :)

  7. The happy little girl is so cute! I guess your daughter is as happy as the little girl for last day of school of the week yeah. Btw, can consider to submit this for the 'Happy & Healthy' contest ( It really fits the theme! :D

  8. Oh, I'll be very guilty to eat such cute lil' girl. She'll scream out loudly in my tummy hehehehe :D

  9. wowww... this is very cute... you are back on a roll again... congratulations... ^_^

  10. @tata:'s such one pity lil gal.. too bad it's destined to be a sandwich.. ^_^

    @Ai Ping: You sure it fits with yr theme? I would if it is.. wish to have your lunch boxes

    @Vanessa: It's finished when I, I think she liked it... Happy weekend to you now.. !

  11. @HK: Thank you.. so quiet u, where hv u been?

  12. It sure fits - a healthy bento, a happy girl inside the bento (and also the one going to eat the bento, haha...), and a happy weekend ahead, why not? :D
    In fact you can submit as many as you like, no limit to the number of entries :P