Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bento #36 Mr. Sun

I've been living in Saudi for less than a year now...and I notice that both sandstorm and windstorm are pretty common scene here..
Yesterday however was pretty strong one. It was so bright, and hot in the morning..but, suddenly at around 2pm, the sky became so dark, that I thought it was gonna rain soon..but, very warm, and then I received the call from the company rep. who called everyone to make sure they stay at home, cuz the weather forecast predicted it's gonna have a Strong windstorm that was originally coming from Riyadh..(I hope I heard it correctly) , n would be worsen later in the evening.

Not long after her call, the wind started to blow so strong that I could hear the sound of the wind rumbling outside..pretty loud..(Well, I wasnt scared, it's more excited..cause I've never seen one..)But, glad it was raining after was clearing up soon after..

Today's's just my wishes that the sun will come out (but not too strong, please ^_^)..and the weather will be alright again..^_^ Happy Sunday!!
Today's menu:
1. Mr. Sun choco sandwich
2. Oranges

Mr. Sun close-up:

I sent Zoe to school today and found many trees in our compound had collapsed ..I hope no more sandstorm or windstorm today.


  1. This is nice. Yes, simple and cute. Very refreshing to the eyes.

  2. @Sysyl: makasih...hari ini sebenernya terlalu simpel yach..?

  3. @HK: always awaiting yr sweet comment..^_^

  4. Mr. Golden Sun looks so happy! You were so brave. If me, I will freak out I think hehehe :)

  5. Very cute!
    Its always nice to see something adorable, yet doable, for those like me just starting!
    Thanks for the great post!

  6. @Lia : Hahaha..nah...kalo gua pas diluar rumah, takut lah..tapi lagi sembunyi dirumah...jadi adem ayem..^_^

    @Beautifully trying: thanks...It's very simple , isnt it? too simple in fact.. haha

  7. Very nice sunny bento! Great idea for sandwich bento! :)

  8. @Ai Ping..yes, it's simple ...maybe next time putting rainbow on the sandwich?? ^_^
    Try to think what to use for the colors tho'..hehe..