Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bento #35 Black sheep

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir...3 bags full.
One for the master, one for the dame
One for the little one who lives down the lane.
Remember that nursery rhyme?
It's so funny ever since I start bento-ing , every now and then whenever I find some cute picture or cartoon I would imagine how I could transform that into my bento.
Just like when I saw that black sheep on my gal's new water mind kept thinking bout it. Then, I remember I had a black glutinuous rice flour that I hadnt used yet....I guess it's time to make a good use of it..^_^
Btw, don't u notice the content of my kid's bento getting simpler and simpler?? hahaha..
I tend not to overcrowded the box long that the box coming home empty..I would be satisfied..rather than putting too much but always too many leftover..

Today's menu:
1. Black sheep black glutinuous rice cake (can you pronounce that easily?? LOL)
2. Oranges


  1. This is great! Water bottle is too cute!

  2. ^_^ yes, the water bottle is cute..among all many stuffs i din regret buying, this is one of them..LOL

  3. Deb, is a great idea! The black sheep is so adorable! I know what you mean ... you just can't resist the cute characters now and want to turn it into your bento hehehe :D That's good because we can enjoy more cute characters from you (^.^)

  4. Simpler but cuter :D. Mbak Deby, I think we have connection hehehe. I recently made sheep bento too, but the white ones hehe :D. And... I'm still gonna keep it hehehe. Hem... whatta yummy black sheep :D

  5. LIA!!!
    I've been wanting to comment in yr latest postings..but it's always failed!!! gosh...dunnow what's wrong! hiks hiks..

    yep..u understand it perfectly,.i believe that goes same to you..LOL

  6. I saw that white sheep u did for that the one? or stil have some other?
    well, mine.. gak mirip2 amat sebenernya ya..haha..

  7. That bottle is super cute!
    And i love how it is so simple, yet adorable!
    And you gave me the inspiration of nursery rhyme bentos :D

  8. it's a very cute black sheep...salam kenal mbak. Blog roll yah mbak, mampir ke blog ku Thank you

  9. @Beautifully trying..
    Did I? ^_^ if I could inspire others..

    @Purple angel...
    Yep..will link u soon..thanks for visiting!

  10. Hello Deby, thank you so much for leaving a message in my blog that give me the chance to come to yours! And of course I'm more than happy to link our blogs :)
    This is cute sheep, and my boy love glutinous rice too, I can definitely try this! Thanks for sharing!


  11. hi Ai Ping,
    I linked you, but not sure why it's not shown on my blogroll here..I love to expanding my I could learn whole lot more..

  12. I never can pronounce that word LOL!
    Super cute two sheep!! I'm curious about the rice cake.

  13. Hi babykins,
    Me too, bit twisting my tongue when I pronounced it..^_^
    maybe you call it, black sticky rice? Am sure you have it there in japan...they grind the rice into flour...
    It's very yummy..If I have time, I'll post the recipe..

  14. Hey, please please, if you have the time share the recipe yeah. I always have to buy outside the ready made ones because I have no idea at all how to make one! Ha ha

  15. Ai Ping,
    hahaha...Owkay...would find time to post it..:))