Monday, May 3, 2010

Bento #34 Wall-E and Eve

When I saw Wall-E and Eve bento in lian mama obento, I was so intrigued to challenge myself to make it with my own twist since my gal likes to watch Wall-E.
It's not difficult at all to make this, but if you have one baby on your lap who kept trying to steal the cheese from you...that Is Difficult!.. ^_^
What I did to make Wall-E, 1st make one square shape choco sandwich, topped with cheese..another round choco sandwich, that I cut into half to be placed as the eyes..The rest is 4 rectangle sandwich that I placed as the wheels and hands...Easy peasy!
Today's menu:
1. Wall-E sandwich
2. Eve boiled egg
3. Grapes


  1. This is sooo cool!
    Great job at making this your own (:

  2. Hi there!
    thanks for your blushing rite now..:)

  3. Wall-E and Eve ... you made both of them equally awesome! Your girl will request more characters later since she knew her mommy is so good now in bento hehehehe :D *siap-siap deh*

  4. aarrghh..kemampuanku belum seberapa Lia..masih kudu conto sana conto sini..hahaha..Obsesinya, supaya bisa kayak Ibu Lia...:))

  5. Coooooool... I like your Wall-E too... Z & L are so lucky to have a talented bento artist for mommy... I envy them...

  6. ^_^ bento artist? sounds too big word for me ..

  7. but it's true... and it's simple to pronounce too... b-e-n-t-o a-r-t-i-s-t... there... not that hard right?!! even Z & L should be able to pronounce it... c",)

  8. This is so cool! What a yummy robot :D