Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bento #38 Another Pooh

I start my un-inspired week with a simple bento, well as u can see from the pic. even the pooh sandwich I din put much detail in it.. The bread that crumbles made me not soo eager to do anything with it..
Til now, I am not satisfied enuff with the local bread. They are not soft enough and always crumble.. I did find one that says, less crumble bread..but, stil ..it does.. This kinda bread are so difficult to mould.. aarrhhh, how I wish to use my sandwich sealer, that stil resting in the box hoping to be used..how disappointed I am..
Today's menu:
1. Pooh choco sandwich
2. Boiled egg
3. Flower turkey ham
4. orange in a separate box


  1. Probably you should start baking your own bread hehehe ... You still manage to put so much details for your un-inspired week. Those turkey ham flowers and flower shapes egg yolk are very nice :)

  2. cihuyyyy... your inspiration is coming back... ^_^ i never doubt it for a moment...

  3. welcome back mbak deby :)

    Agreed with u, mbak lia. Those turkey ham flower are pretty.

    Semangat !!!

  4. @Lia: hahaha..how I wish now to have that bread maker machine...

  5. @Menoq: thanks..baru nyoba neh ham digituin, lucu juga.. ^_^

  6. Yeah Deby, probably you need to bake your own bread. Cheer up mummy, you still have nice flower ham and flower egg.

  7. Hey Deby, you are back! :D
    You un-inspired bento still looks nice though, despite the crumble bread, the flower egg and ham are so nicely done!

  8. @Vanessa : hahaha...not that master leh...how lucky you are in msia... I want gardenia bread!!!!

    @Ai Ping: Haha...thanks fr being around...hmm, stil wishing to have my astro connection here, so could watch you live.