Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bento #16 hatched egg

My daughter, Zoey..she's such a picky eater. One of her fave food is boiled egg, or any egg..she would gobble it rite away. well..Am lucky enuff in this case, make my life easier in preparing her snack box for school.
There are so many creative way u could do with boiled egg.. such today, i made it look like a hatched chick.. However, It's not as smooth to make it as I expected it would...when i cut the white egg, my knife always scratch the yolk.
I then, put the eyes and the lil beak - made from nori.
Rest of the snack box would be flower sausages, just score the top part of the sausage and i put the tini circle carrot to it..Put some fruits, and yogurt drink (Yogurt is her fave, that's why you will notice I always put it in most of her snack box), and bite sizes of chocolate sandwich.

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