Friday, April 30, 2010

Bento #33 Frog bento

(Cheese for the eyes, and mouth, topped with nori..and that pink color is kamaboko..or fish cake)
Fyi, here in Saudi we have different day of weekend. The holidays fall on Friday, instead of Sunday...henceforth, when all my bento buddies might be having a bento break, me on the hand starts getting busy again.. ^_^..Yes, weekday starts on saturday.

Recently, I love making chiffon cake..cause it's so simple...and most important thing ..I dun even need to grease the loaf pan..yes, am lazy to do that. However I keep changing the pandan chiffon cake..I've been wanting to make a frog shape..that's the reason I chose this flavour..the green cake would be perfect for the frog color.
I dun put too many things today, ..tried to make it very simple. I reminded myself to buy orange yesterday, cause Zoe said she wants to eat orange with skin only! ^_^..She hates everytime I peel the skin off.
Btw, if you wonder how I make that frog I have no big oval shape, I did it freehand using knife, but the eyes, I used small round cutter. Even for the nori, I cut it free hand..that's why they're not even..a-ha!
Today's menu:
1. Frog chiffon cake
2. Apple
3. Orange with skin.. ^_^
The fruits close up..


  1. kermit has never looked so good. this is nice !!!

  2. what a sweet comment u made there HK..Thanks..
    this kinda comment, make me excited in making more...^_^

  3. Your pandan chiffon is perfect for the cute frog Deb! Different weekend ... that is interesting. Any big reason behind this? I wouldn't know if you did not mention it :)

  4. Hi Lia,'s a moslem country, friday is praying day..Most of the shops will be closed in the morning..and all activity mostly starts after 4pm..
    I wouldnt know too, til my coming here..:))

  5. It's the cutest and happiest smile of a frog I've ever seen :D

  6. Boooy! so cute ya this new home ( blog ini maksudku :D)
    Wah keren banget! so inspiring..

  7. Koy!
    feel more homey yach?..ya, aku juga lebih nyaman disini..kekekekek..Kamu baru baca skrg to?...Koy, bikin juga dong rumahmu....biar rame!..