Sunday, April 4, 2010

bento #17 Farm bento

Inspired by my children story book about the Farm. I dig out some idea how to create the Farm into bento snack box. In the story, the farm has chicken, cow, and pig, and horse. But, I really have no idea how to make horse...:))

The usual snack that I always give zoe are cocktail, sandwich or boiled egg with some fruits.

So, here they are...:
1. Cow Egg.
the black spots I use nori. Just cut freehand some odd circle and place it on the egg. It will easily stick there. I did it the nite before, but the seaweed turned ugly the following day due to the mist from the fridge. The ear and the mouth made from ham.
2. Chick choco sandwich
I used the penguin cookie cutter to make the shape of the chick. Accidently the leg cut off. That gave me an idea to use different color of the cheese, and it now looks more like feet..:)
3. Pig wiener
The taste is not as good as the look I think..:)) It's bit sour...I should have stick to use chicken sausage than lamb.
4. Fruits, grape and apple...and use the carrot as baran..pretending it's a fence..

My daughter reaction when she saw it in the morning is.."Where is the farmer, mom?" and..."I think you should put the hay"...HELLOWW???!! ^_^, a thank you, mommy would sound better, sweetie..LOL.

You can see the chick sandwich close up. It's made of cheese, the red thing is made from apple skin.

This is her with the bento:


  1. Wow Deby - fantastic photographs and inspiring snack boxes. You are very creative with your food - I want to see more ideas (and taste them too!!) - Fiona

  2. thanks for visiting fiona...!
    am blushing over your sweet comment... *^_^*
    I need to learn how to give more variety food other than the usual stuffs I give tho'..
    How I wish she would eat those celery, carrots, yr kids do..:))

  3. neighbour its just mind blowing..................