Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bento #30 Bear Egg

It always work best for me, if the night before I do bento sketch for the next morning bento...It gives a clear vision on how I want my bento to look like, and made the work easier and faster..You know what you need to prepare... say, cut the carrot into flower..or any other works that can be done in advance, and the next morning what you need to do just boil or just placing them into the box.
But not today, ..this morning I woke up without any preparation in my head, checked out the fridge..and...found grapes, sausage, and cheese. Rumagging my cabinet, and found kit kat..well, egg, I have many..
Then, I had to think for quite some times, because I had no plan on what I want to make..
Finally, got I took longer time...However, Am quite happy with it ...The teacher said, she likes the bear...^_^
Today's menu:
1. Bear Egg
The ears made of kamaboko. I was so curious bout kamaboko as I read many times in some bento blogs..only yesterday I found it locally in the oriental shop. The taste is so good. ^_^
2. Grapes satay
3. Flower sausages
4. Triangle cheese


  1. hey... this really looks good to go... yum yum...

  2. thanks..
    so sad, that the she only ate the kit kat, half of the egg, and the sausages..
    How I wish she finished the foods.

  3. eh... u can always pass me the leftovers any time... i'm drooling here...

  4. Deb, it's a cutie bear! Grapes satay will be interesting for your girl to eat it that way :)

  5. Hi lia!
    you put sometimes to give comment in my blog in between your busy moving time! highly appreciated! 6_^
    Thanks..I like the bear too..the grape satay, I find it easier to eat that way..
    but unfortunatelly they came back home safe and sound..untouched!! ^_^
    Btw, I just realize that you're the owner of the bento store!! so sad that it's closed now...I learnt lots of tips from you on that blog!