Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bento #27 Piano bento

Weekend has over, saturday now.. the new week has started, means it's bento time again!

I think make a piano sandwich would brighten my gal's day....

So, here we go:

1. Piano chocolate sandwich.

I did it's not that tidy if u look at it closely..:))

2. Fruits ( Grapes, Orange )

3. Flower ham

4. Flower Sausage

5. Baby carrot ( she din like them...she said it's raw..^_^ )

P.S: I din have much things to say today, did I?? !!


  1. Hi ribbonlicious,
    thanks..not perfect..but am quite happy with the result..:)
    P.S: btw, I like the name..ribbonlicious

  2. cute piano :)

    it made from cheese n nori?

  3. Hi M3noq,
    yep, but bread as the base..on top i place a cheese slice, and decorated with nori..pretty easy.