Monday, April 5, 2010

Bento #20 Speedy bento

Today I found my bestfriend didnt help me as much as I needed her. When I wanted to take the bento picture today, the battery almost gone has no enuff energy to auto-focus, resulting most of the pictures blur..*sigh*,
So this is the best I could do...
I like the simple speedy bento that I made today.
Everything fits perfectly in a small size lunch box..Perfect for the tiny tummy..^_^

At first, I didnt plan to make bento. I was thinking just to prepare slices of cakes and grapes but it ended up I added lil bit this and that..LOL, I guess these days, un-pretty snack box, make my eyes sore...blame it to the bento addiction. ^@^

Today's menu:
1. Greentea chiffon cake
I made it last nite since I see the bread that I have has gotten dry. Cut the bunny rabbit shape cheese..put eyes, mouth with nori
2. Ham
3. Grapes
4. Star Boiled egg

The star boiled egg n grapes close-up


  1. thank you,
    errrmm...menoq ya namanya?
    aku link ya...:))

  2. Speedy but you didn't forget to put some cuteness there ... good job!