Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bento #31 Caterpillar

When I visited my friend at her house, she served me this yummy bitterballen. It's meatball, with a mix with cheese. Just like in a comic book, I could feel the light bulb blinking out of my head.. *Ting*, owkay...I will make a caterpillar bento with this!! That'll do!

I did the sketching..hmm I think I better not show my sketch..(only me can understand my drawing...^_^)..However, I forget the detail of caterpillar.. I dun remember whether it has antennae or not..I looked for zoe's reading book..which dissappear by the time I needed it... :(

I am too lazy to google also...so here it is..a very simple caterpillar.

Menu of the day:
1. Caterpillar bitterballen
2. Apples
3. Chocolate Jelly
4. Fruit Juice..

This is the caterpillar with the antennae...it looks like devil horn than antennae, really.. LOL

= = = = = = = = = = =

I had to say, when I picked my gal up from school and checked her snack box, ...I was sooo dissappointed that she din eat almost anything..!! She drank only half of her fruit juice. ..

She said, she din like Jelly because it's so wibbly wobbly (^_^), and the meatball...Only God knows why she din like them...My cooking wouldnt be that bad, would it?

N the Fruit Juice, ....I think she prefers milk than fruit juice... *sigh*


  1. Quick thinking to turn them into the caterpillar! The red antennae make it so special ;)

  2. Thanks Lia!
    Always happy to receive your comment!