Monday, April 12, 2010

Bento #25 Non-cute bento..:)

Yes, rite..this is a non-cute bento I made, but I find this is the healthiest bento I have prepared so far for zoe..^_^
Remember I said that she eats lack of vegie? Yes, I want to start 'brainwashing' her...start rite from the snack box. Hoping that , if she eats together with the classmates, it would entice her to at least munch it..
I insert cucumber and baby carrots inside the box, see whether they will come back in full shape or gone..:)

Today's menu:
1. Blueberry muffin
2. Cucumber/baby carrots/steam broccoli
3. Oranges
4. Ham
5. Boiled egg (even this, i din decorate it...*Malas mood on* )


  1. You still managed to make that cute wondering face on the top of the muffin. So this is not qualified for non-cute bento hahaha ... :D Hope your girl will enjoy her veggies so you can put more in her bento.

  2. Well, the baby carrots disappeared when she reached home.. I checked with her whether she ate it or not..and she said that she had shared it with others..kekekekkk...
    haiyo...itu effortless banget, nempelin mata doang..malu ah kalo dibilang cute..:)