Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bento #29 Hamster or..err not?

The idea of my bento today is to create my gal's new pets. Zoe just received two hamsters from her dad last week that she named LALA for the female, and FLUFF for the male. Since then, she kept asking my permission to bring the hamsters to her school, which I firmly said no! She didnt cry (thankfully!), but I could feel the disappointment in her.
To cheer her up, I wanted to send 'the hamster' bento instead of the real ones...Hope that'll make her happy enuff..
Ok...say it loud..!! ^_^.My 'hamster' sandwiches don't look anything like hamster, do they?? LOL,
That's the fastest and the only thing I could think of....Well, First I was doubt about either making the hamster from the bread or eggs..but I decided to use bread instead..since my 'going to rotten soon' bread stil lay abudantly on my pantry!
Anyway, Today's menu:
1. 2 mini 'hamster' sandwiches
one filled with beef floss, and the other is milk sandwich
2. Chocolate twister
3. Grapes
Meet our new family members (Lala on the left and Fluff on the right)

Here's Zoe with Fluff


  1. This is adorable! They look sweet and made with love, and that's what counts in a bento :)

  2. Hi bentobird,
    what a sweet comment you give..thanks..
    I totally agreed with you, ...that the food made with love, that's what counts!!
    Thanks for yr visit!!
    Btw, your bento looks so complicated to make...I wonder how long it took for you to make it..they're all wonderful!

  3. Hk,
    u agree to which statement?? ^_^
    agree that it doesnt look like hamster? (^_^)

  4. food made with love lah. there must be passion in its preparation.