Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bento #26 Bear Bento

My baby boy woke me up this morning, he is my alarm clock.. ^_^
Normally, he wakes up at 6am, but today he woke up at 7am...oh no, I thot, I dun think I could make any bento today.. (did I mention earlier that am very slow person?,once I wake up late...and no chance to do any fancy thing)
However, I stil continue to make the bento as my plan..:), well, I give excuse today for her to be slightly late arrive at school...for once..:))) . Lucky her nursery is only around the corner within our compound.

Last nite, around 10pm, while I was waiting my hubby coming back from Kuwait, I baked his fave chiffon cake..If the other day, I made the green tea flavor, now I tried choco flavor. N, I had this bear donut cutter, which finally I used to shape the chiffon cake this morning. The cutter has a round hole in the middle. I cut the white bread to fit the hole.
Here you can see the picture close-up

Today's menu:
1. Bear Chiffon cake
2. Ring mini wieners
3. Baby carrot, Broccoli, Apples, oranges
4. Yogurt drink

Below is the picture of donut cutter I used, it's a bear shape ^_^, cute eh?


  1. We are in the same page today ... story on the alarm clock hehehe :) Great baking to put in your bento. How long have you been in Saudi? Nice place?

  2. thanks lia,
    We've been here around 9months by now..not too long..It's sandy, dusty, have winter and summer..It's good place for...shopping. Lots of shopping malls here.. That's the only enjoyment I find...:)..and oh yeah, have daiso also..THat's how I started to join this hobby.
    Tapi, ngomong2..semoga gak terlalu lama lah disini..udah nyaris bosan. ^_^

  3. hey... awesome... very artistic... !!!

  4. Cute bear. Is it bread with 2 colors tone?

  5. Hi m3noq,
    thanks..it's chiffon cake that I shaped into bear, using my bear shape donut cutter..So, there is a hole in the centre.. I then, cut a white bread round shape to fit the hole..
    I'll put the cutter picture later..so u'll clear what I mean..:)

  6. HK,
    BaPAK hK..Jangan marah...
    Saya baca komen, tapi lupa REply...^_^
    Glad u like it ...