Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bento #18 Sea bento

The sandwich closeup:

AT last, I dun feel like owing anything now.. I've cleared up all the bento pictures in my folder..It gave me such a relief and pleasure at the same time to be able to post 17 bento posting in only few days. Nope, it doesnt mean that would be my last posting about making bento. I reckon my folder will keep piling up with some bento pictures..but, I have reduced my burden I can start doing it slowly one by one, not marathon posting like now..:))

Stop the rumbling..
I had an idea about sea bento..If u're into bento, am sure you have seen many of the bento bout similar ideas. Mine would be much simpler than that..:))
Just take a look the picture:
1. It's a butter and sugar sandwich.
Just dust the cocoa powder mix with icing sugar to the top part of the bread with a whale plastic stencil plate. It's pretty easy and make it looks nice.
2. Fish shape egg.
Use the fish shape egg mold. Boil the egg, peel the skin, and put it into the mold..and voila after sometimes, it looks like fish. My egg was apparently not the rite size, so it doesnt give the nice look..Please make sure you pay attention to the size of egg you need to use for the mold. I used the medium size of egg,while the mold required a L size egg and you can tell the result not as nice. hence, I add the carrot for the tail, and put some nori for the body.
3. Octopus wieners
Hahaha..I know you dont see their legs..but believe's eight each..:))
4. Fruits..grapes.

My daughter and my boy as a background..^0^


  1. Hi Debby! This sea bento is cute! Thanks to put my blog link into your side bar. I will do the same :) Nice to know you and hope we can be a bento friend and share the same interest in bento making.

  2. a visit from you Lia, make me happy..!
    Yep, need lots of tips n bento ideas from you..:))