Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bento #23 Bento Zoe gal

In terms of preparing the snack bento for my gal, I have very limited choices...they are bread, sausages, yogurt, cheese, and grapes/oranges...:)
Those are the only foods that my gal would likely to eat..How I wish she would eat more variety of foods, & vegetables, like celery or carrots, and broccoli..
I guess I have to train her slowly at home..blame it to me, that I din introduce that earlier age.

Nuff said, this bento consist of:
1. Homemade Banana cake
To add the cuteness..^_^, I put a gal face with two pony tails made of cheese. I used the bear cookie cutter. Eyes and lips made of nori. I use the puncher for this..
I bought the Letters and number chocolate, I put her name of the cake..I think it looks merrier now..LOL
2. Yogurt drink
3. Grapes
4. Mini sausages.

I dresssed zoe up just like the bento, with two pony tails ..
She looked happy with the bento, pictures taken before off to school!


  1. Your girl is so cute! She looks happy with her adorable bento ... mission accomplished!! Choco letters are cool with the cute cheese girls :)

  2. ah lia, komen darimu selalu mencerahkan hariku..ciehh..*^_^* (seriously!), LOL
    thank I wish to meet you one day, kalo daku balik ke indonesia..:)
    You're just too humble..:))

  3. I would love to meet you ... don't forget to contact me if you are in Indonesia. Have a great weekend :)