Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bento #21 Another bunny rabbit bento

Yesterday, I thought my camera couldnt work well because of the battery issue. HOwever, that's not the case..I have recharged the battery last nite,but when I tried to snap today's bento it stil couldnt auto focus. N, I am not that skillful with manual focus. Enuff said, I din know what went wrong..but it really spoilt my mood the whole morning..I felt some part of me missing...LOL, lil bit dramatic..:op
I finally tried to find the problem using Mr. Google...^>^..try to find some other people who has similar problem with same camera..And yes,..! I love Mr. Google, he's the answer for my problem. I managed to do the soft reset, and's back to life!!
Too bad that It wasnt working when I snapped the, enjoy the dark, blurry picture!

Today's menu:
1. Cheese sandwich
I, again...made the bunny rabbit..perhaps, am stil in the mood of easter?
I put tiny carrot- pretending the rabbit eating a carrot..:) made from lowfat cheee, and the green color from apple skin. Well, I couldnt think what else I could use to find green color. I dun want to use eggsheet, cause that would be too much waste since I only need little.
Honestly, I think my rabbit really the ugliest rabbit ever..:), I couldnt think how to make bunny look cute..^_^..maybe next time I'll try again. Nuff with bunny this week.
2. Mini sausages
3. Grapes


  1. Wau! This is cute!! It's not ugly at all. I love your idea to put a carrot beside (^_^)

  2. hi vaness,
    thanks for visiting...haiyoo..stil need to learn from u lahh