Monday, April 5, 2010

Bento #19 Tiger Bento

When I was rummaging through my folders, I just realized that I have one more bento picture not been posted.
This bento was done in the mood of celebrating the Chinese New Year 2010-which is a Tiger year. I had so much fun making it the nite before when all my kids were asleep. I had all the time, without bothered by the kids, without the rush, it was like doing a kid art craft. FUN!
The satisfaction that it gave when u're able to make the detail, couldnt be described.. ^-^

Here we go:
1. Tiger choco sandwich
I used a bear cookie cutter for the tiger, and used two different kind of cheese for the face. Nori was used for the eyes, and the tiger stripes.
2. Apples
3. Kit kat chocolate
4. Yogurt

The sandwich close-up:


  1. Cutie tigers! Perfectly put in the silicon cup. Great bento to have :)

  2. Hi Lia,
    You have the same thought like I did..I like how the tiger fit to the cup..jadi gak goyang2 dangdut dalam perjalanan gitu lho..:))