Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bento #32 Hello kitty

Kyaraben or charaben ,a shortened form of character bento ( kyarakutā bentō?), is a style of elaborately arranged bento which features food decorated to look like people, characters from popular media, animals, and plants.
(taken from wikipedia)

The work of Lia from bentolicious always put me in awe..she's very skillful in making a precise kyaraben or character bento..Drop by her blog, you'll be amazed on how beautiful her bentos are..just like I am!
How I wish I have just little of her skill ^_^.
Today I tried to make hello kitty sandwich,a special request from zoey..But I think the nose of hello kitty was to0 round instead of bit oval...but it doesnt matter.. What mattered to me was that my gal ate all those sandwiches til bits...Yayyy!!

Today's menu:
1. Hello kitty choco sandwich
2. Yogurt
3. Grapes
4. Baby carrots
5. Cheese

The sandwich close up:
(The ribbon made of kamaboko, the whisker and eyes made of nori, nose made of cheese)


  1. Thanks a lot Deb for the link! I'm flattered ... but I'm still learning too. Bento making is fun, isn't it? These HK mini sandwiches are awesome! Cutie, my favorite :)

  2. Omigod! These are real cuties Mbak Debby :D. I love HK soooo much, and it's a real pleasure to watch them. I've made bento with that sandwich cutter too, but keep the photo for the next next next next next bento post hehehe :D

  3. @Lia, you deserve every praise I mentioned! ^_^
    Cant wait to make lunch bento..and conto conto your bento...kakakakkakk.

  4. @Tata: tenkiu..I've bought the cutter with no knowledge on how to using them...only now understand that I can make different2 character using it! HK is cute indeed.