Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bento #24 Butterfly

I was hesitate in either to post or not to post this. I've been keeping the picture safe and sound in my folder..:). The reason why I din want to post it because I find my message wasnt accrossed..^_^
When I showed my hubby of the bento picture, apparently he didnt think like I did..haha..Well,I was actually trying to make butterfly but he didnt think that it's butterfly at all!
However, after I think about it..I decided to post it anyway. I shouldnt have put burden on my shoulder that my bento has to be perfect at all time. Am a newbie, it's ok if it's not nice at all, it's a learning curve for me.I should have fun with it..!

Today's menu:
1. ferrero choco as the head
2 mini cupcakes as the wings
3. mini sausage as the body
4. Green apples
5. Eggroll as the small wings

what missing was the antenna...I was so blank what to use at that time.