Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bento #22 Pooh Bento

This bento I did quite sometimes ago, I thought I have posted it, which apparently not. This one of my fave simple bento I did, but am quite pleased with the outcome.
I have the pooh sandwich cutter that helped lots to make bite size pooh sandwich.
Love this cutter..!

Today's menu:
1. Chocolate butter sandwich, pooh shape
2. Mini sausages
3. Oranges
4. Ham

Pooh Sandwich close-up


  1. Hi Mbak Deby, salam kenal :D. Wah... bentonya lucu-lucu... Seneng deh dapet tambahan temen ngebento :D

  2. Cute Pooh sandwiches! They are perfect in size for the kids. Octo-Sisters are cute too ;)

  3. makasih ta,
    sebenernya..ehm..diriku nge-fans dengan dirimu yang kreatif amat..:))..

  4. Lia,
    haha thanks, sure that pooh cutter also inside of one yr collections!

  5. Choco butter sandwich, it's sounds yummy :)
    apalagi dengan pooh shape-nya, makin bikin ngiler....

  6. The bento is just nice, I am sure your two little darling love it very much.

  7. friend if i have a student like zoe ,everyday i wud just wait to open her lunch box ahahh