Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bento #28 Piggy bento

Rite after I finish making the bento, took picture, I realized that today's bento is almost in the same tone..^_^, all almost orangey color..
I love having colorful bento.., specially mix of green and orange in the bento..but today seemed to be an exception.
Never mind...
Today, I made pretty simple piggy bento..I only used my favorite round cutter.
Even I have many of the cutter, but I noticed I only used this the most..^_^
Cut the bread, and also cut the ham with that round cutter..Place the ham on top of the sandwich..I 'glued' it with the ham will stay still.

Today's menu:
1. Piggy cheese, and milk sandwich
2. Oranges, grapes, and baby carrot
3. Yogurt drink

To make the eyes, I use the nori puncher as shown below:


  1. Piggies ham are adorable! What did you use for the eyes? Are those poppy seeds?

  2. Lia,
    tenkiu..nope, itu pake nori, gak kepikiran pake poppy seed.. but Now, u make me thinking..^_^
    that I can use that also.

  3. Cuttie piggies.... I'm with Mbak Lia, I thought the eyes were made from poppy seeds. What nori puncher did you use mbak? It must be so detailed and sharp :D

  4. Wow, it's cute piggies :)
    The piggies was made from cheese? pink cheese?

  5. Alo Ta,
    mirip ya..ama poppy seeds.. I just uploaded the picture of the puncher I used..

    @M3noq's from ham..but,,yep..the color is so perfect for the pig, isnt?

  6. kreatip sekali bento2nyaa! never imagine lunch box could be so fun!
    pasti anaknya demen tuh buka lunch box nya yg lucu2 tiap ari
    fufufu mudah2an nanti aku jg bisa masak kaya km yaa :D Thx for inspiring me

  7. Nyonya Kecil,
    ah kamu mampir sini..thanks ya...senang sekali ketemu teman satu kampung..kekekekkk
    Yuks buat,...anakmu skrg wis umur piro? masih bayi ya...ya udah, bikin untuk suamimu ajah..